Housewife Credit 2019 »Definition and all facts in the test!

 Housewife loans were once loans that were given by banks to housewives without significant income of their own. They were repaid from the husband’s income. Today, housewife credit is a largely extinct species.

Not only because there are fewer housewives, but also because the banks have become much more reluctant in the awarding. Anyone looking for a homemaker credit today should know five facts and beware of scammers.

Carefully check the creditworthiness of the applicants.

Carefully check the creditworthiness of the applicants.

This is to avoid that borrowers slip into the debt trap. There are also capital adequacy requirements, according to which risky loans with a high degree of equity are to be hedged.

This makes lending to the bank more expensive and thus unattractive. Because in order to make profits and to achieve a good return on equity, they would have to demand such high interest rates that hardly anyone would already have to pay them.

450 USD job, for example, is well below the attachment exemption limit.

450 USD job, for example, is well below the attachment exemption limit.

Seizure limit according to the number of dependent persons. Even without children and other people to pay, the limit is well above the maximum income from a 450-USD job. 

 The bank can only pledge assets – and here only the wife. If this is not enough to pay off the debts, only the personal bankruptcy remains and the debtor usually has to pay off a large part of the loan.

In order to get an attractive loan, the housewife therefore needs at least a part-time job. An exception are pensioners who receive a sufficiently high pension.

 “Housewife loans are in the pure sense of this word no longer.” Especially the often demanded homemaker credit without Credit bureau and credit rating is unrealistic. 

No bank gives away money, even those who offer a loan without Credit bureau.

Where there is no offer, even credit intermediaries can not help. Cautious you should therefore be with offers that advertise with a housewife credit without Credit bureau and credit rating and ask for a commission in advance. Serious brokers such as Pixocredit or Maxcredit always make a non-binding and free offer first.

Even on platforms like Creditity, Trucredit or Centiloan people without their own income have a bad chance. Because, of course, private investors want their loan at the end of the term with interest back. Most loan applications with very bad credit are already rejected by the platform provider, so the loan request is not even put online. Anyone who has a low income and is released, must expect significantly higher interest rates, if at all enough funders find.

Interest rates lower, often lower, than if the working partner had applied for the loan alone.

Iford also providers that offer a mortgage loan online. The pledge is sent to the lender by mail, the money is transferred to an account. If you do not want to take your loan together with your partner, this is usually the best alternative to a housewife loan.

Comparative calculator a favorable offer and submit a loan application. Without a personal income help only a joint loan with the spouse or a mortgage loan.